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Multimode Wireless LAN Service

This product is only available under the Universal contract.

Extend your virtual reach — cost effectively.

CenturyLink's Multimode Wireless Local Area Network Services (MWLANS) consist of a public network subscription service and a private hotspot network solution for serving private Agency locations. CenturyLink's public network subscription service will allow Agency users to securely access the Internet and Agency networks from outside Agency firewalls from public hotspots worldwide.

Geographic availability: CenturyLink's MWLANS are available both domestically and internationally within existing hotspots.


CenturyLink's MWLANS provide a comprehensive listing of features including but not limited to the following:

  • Wireless Access in Packet Mode – CenturyLink's MWLANS will support any 802.11b/g compliant device, including Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) enabled computer notebooks, laptops, and PDAs. Access coverage includes wireless LAN hotspots such as hotels, airports, convention/conference centers, or other public establishments.
  • Authenticated Access – CenturyLink provides access only after authentication by user-ID and password.
  • Dynamic and Static IP Addressing – CenturyLink can provide static IP space to Agencies that require it. Our MWLANS has a DHCP function built into our network to assign dynamic IP addresses.
  • Domain Name Service – CenturyLink's MWLANS provide Internet users with DNS resolution functionality from our DNS servers associated with Internet Protocol Service.
  • Roaming Agreements – CenturyLink's hotspot Operational Support System (OSS) provides roaming services that manage roaming agreements via integrated clearing, settlement, and reconciliation capabilities with other major wireless Internet Service Providers.
  • Private MWLANS Network – CenturyLink's MWLANS include the ability to deploy private hotspots at Government locations as required by each individual Agency. Each build is custom and will be defined during the statement of work developed for the Agency.
  • Wireless NICs – CenturyLink's MWLANS include PCMCIA cards that can be plugged into laptops, making them WiFi-enabled. Our solution will also support any 802.11a/b/g compliant device.
  • Support for 802.11e – CenturyLink's MWLANS can be upgraded to comply with 802.11e standards when these standards become available.


  • IP mobility – CenturyLink's MWLANS allow Agency users mobility between wired and wireless IP networks and between public and private networks without having to disrupt connections. CenturyLink's seamless IP mobility and roaming solution is already deployed in a variety of public and private networks.
  • Device-agnostic communication support – Agency users can access MWLANS with a single subscriber profile from many locations using many types of devices, such as telephone, mobile phone, PDA, or notebook PC.
  • Increased overall network availability and capacity – CenturyLink's MWLANS uses a Dual-band Radio Wireless Mesh Technology. This meshed backhaul technology, allows alternate routing of traffic around failed or congested nodes, and provides lower latency and low jitter for supporting real time services such as VoIP and video. Many municipal networks have deployed this technology today, resulting in up to 10 times more capacity and coverage than non-meshed networks.

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