Customer Support Office Organization

The CenturyLink Customer Support Office (CSO) is organized to ensure smooth provisioning, delivery, implementation, and ongoing support of all your agency's Networx services. Our technical support has previously and successfully forged strong partnerships and quick response times in supporting several government agencies.

Through our CSO and operational capabilities, CenturyLink is well positioned to administer and manage your general inquiries, user forums and escalations. We are committed to providing comprehensive information and guidance on training — including registration service and ongoing support for available programs.

Additional CSO Details

CSO Organizational Structure

This illustration provides an overview of CenturyLink's CSO Organizational Structure

CSO Organizational Structure

Single Point of Contact Model

Our single-point-contact model delivers a wide range of services, including:

Customer support

Our customer support team is your dedicated resource for all of your general support needs. Plus, we can help you get started and make the most of your Networx experience with our training courses and class registration services.

Technical support

Our experienced representatives and technicians provide a variety of help desk services, as well as troubleshooting and assistance with your Networx applications.


Agency-specific billing analysts are poised to handle a variety of your important billing administration and support tasks every step of the way, from the creation of billing reports to billing dispute resolution.

Service ordering

Account consultants can provide agency-specific planning and technical support. Our service coordinators stand ready to handle order entry requests and coordinate the order implementation process.