Quick, Secure Access to Billing Data

The CenturyLink billing system provides your agency with quick, secure accessibility to billing data and your choice of web-enabled access or toll-free support. Online billing options and support have been an integral part of CenturyLink's billing management system since 1999, and include secure access to:

  • Invoicing
  • Detail billing
  • Dispute and adjustment records
  • Downloadable data

The output data is presented in an easily manipulated format, enabling agency-specific reporting. The CenturyLink billing solution responds to the Government's need for accurate data, flexible formats, and robust reporting and analytical tools.

Product Details

Billing Process Overview

Our billing innovations include timesaving tools, such as eBill Manager™. eBill Manager allows authorized agency users to view their current and past eBill invoices for up to 12 months, plus you can:

  • Create, submit and review billing inquiries or disputes
  • Examine billing trends and historical pricing information
  • Download billing data
  • Verify billed charges
  • Review billing reports
  • Pay bills online

Billing Dispute and Resolution Process

The CenturyLink billing dispute and resolution process is established and has been effective for many years at processing Federal Government disputes in a timely manner.