Compute On Demand

Compute On Demand: Build Your Business at Cloud Speed

CenturyLink's Compute on Demand solutions offer your business a fast and economical way to meet business networking and infrastructure needs. Extend your IT infrastructure using a secure and reliable cloud-based platform to set the pace of your business.


  • Faster response to business computing infrastructure demands
  • Reduce capital expenses and avoid data center facilities and equipment costs
  • Focus on business-critical application development instead of infrastructure concerns

CenturyLink Compute on Demand provides a robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, for your business to build a virtual computing environment starting with pre-configured Virtual Machine packages, and then adding memory, storage, security and networking to meet business needs.

Compute on Demand Services offer:

  • A robust platform that integrates with your network infrastructure
  • Pay-as-you-go payment options and fast network deployments
  • Network and infrastructure service level agreements (SLAs) and an expert technical staff

CenturyLink delivers a range of cloud-based services from its 50 data center facilities, all connected to its 40 Gbps IP network. Including Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting Services, CenturyLink's Cloud Computing Services complement a full range of its networking, data, voice, security and professional services to create a comprehensive suite of communications solutions for your business.