CenturyLink Enterprise Cloud Networking

Business agility without compromise

Cloud deployments often get derailed by the unanticipated complexity of integrating cloud with existing technology, including the need for a seamless network infrastructure for all applications—whether on-premises or in the cloud. CenturyLink Enterprise Cloud Networking (ECN) solutions take the complexity and risk out of the cloud, providing a proven path to implement a strategy that's completely aligned with your business needs. Fully integrated network and cloud solutions deliver enterprise-grade service, security, and scalability for every element of your cloud services.

The perfect cloud for your business

Seamlessly integrated, best-in-class cloud and network services minimize the complexity and risk of typical cloud solutions, which can be based on a fragmented, multi-vendor mix of networks, technologies, and cloud services. World-class consulting services help you optimize your infrastructure and incorporate a host of new technologies into your business. Cost-efficiently grow your applications, services, and market reach

  • Capitalize on new business opportunities and models
  • Ensure continuously high levels of Quality of Service (QoS)

Transition smoothly to the cloud

CenturyLink gives you everything you need to establish a cloud migration strategy that reflects your business objectives. By working with a single-source, fully accountable provider of networking, cloud hosting, and comprehensive enterprise-class managed services, you can make a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud. Complete tools, support, and products help you efficiently manage your network and cloud environment with little to no downtime.

  • One-stop access to industry leaders in IT infrastructure management and networking
  • World-class cloud computing, colocation, managed hosting, and other cloud-based services
  • A commitment to product innovation, outstanding service delivery, and future footprint expansion Fast, flexible application deployment to meet complex business demands while reducing costs

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    Any business that's serious about gaining competitive advantage must consider cloud technology and services as a way to achieve agility and scalability while controlling costs. The secret? There is such a thing as "cloud done wrong." The result? Utter failure to realize the expected transformational benefits.

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    Today's successful businesses often expect their IT resources to help increase profits by improving flexibility and decreasing time to market. But what happens when IT systems can't meet the demands of a growing company's need to scale? Upgrading or adding technology often isn't an option as IT budgets are stretched to the limit. So, how can a business expect to expand, explore and compete without a solid IT infrastructure standing behind it?

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