IVR: EZ Route

Make Your Business More Efficient and Improve Customer Satisfaction with EZ Route IVR Solutions

You'd probably rather run your business with more control and less stress. EZ Route is a network-based, self-help, interactive voice response system (IVR) application that empowers you to manage your customers' routine information requests so you can focus on your core business.

EZ Route provides contact-center functionality that lets you answer calls, provide messages and announcements, and support call routing to live agents or other IVR applications through a menu-driven interface. You can quickly and easily develop a voice menu and routing scheme via a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI). This includes assigning toll-free numbers and transfer-to numbers for routing. You can also record your own announcements over the phone or upload professionally recorded audio files using the Web-based GUI. With the efficiencies you gain from using IVR systems, happy customers are virtually a sure thing.

EZ Route IVR Solution Features

  • Touch-tone and speech-recognition capabilities
  • Extensive routing options
  • Busy ring/no answer overflow
  • Comprehensive, Web-enabled IVR application wizard
  • Go to node enables calls to route from one EZ Route application to another
  • Busy/no answer messages and customizable hold music
  • Integrated text-to-speech
  • Unlimited port availability
  • Supported by CenturyLink's fully redundant, geographically-dispersed network
  • Pricing based on number of calls made
  • Disaster recovery capabilities

EZ Route IVR Solution Benefits

  • Maximize productivity and streamline business communications
  • Improve customer service, customer acquisition, and retention results
  • Lower costs with no capital investment, correctly routed calls, and per-call pricing
  • Route to multiple locations or departments to handle call traffic spikes
  • Provide current status information to callers that can be updated in near real time
  • Design call management programs that meet changing business needs and are instantly deployable
  • Utilize existing infrastructure and enjoy easy integration with industry leading ACDs and PBXs

How EZ Route Works

Inbound toll-free calls are routed to EZ Route. Based on your customized application design, calls are answered via touch-tone or a speech-recognition menu. The caller inputs a menu choice or provides ANI or DNIS information that is then matched to the EZ Route application. If the caller needs to speak with a live agent, the call is routed appropriately.