Cleveland State University

The EZ Route solution allowed CSU to automate routine business transactions using a menu-driven, self-help application.

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Edward Mills
Chief Enrollment Services Officer


Business Challenge

School administrators needed to significantly increase the efficiency of their incoming call management and routing system. Calls came into multiple locations while human resources were tapped to deliver repetitive instructions.


Interaction Routing allows Cleveland State University (CSU) to flexibly and more efficiently manage its 86-person call center staff. The CenturyLink EZ Route solution enabled the automation of repetitive tasks such as explaining how to get transcripts.

Benefits and Results

  • EZ Route reduced agent-answered calls by 31 percent in first year of service (from 45,000 to 31,000)
  • Increased calls-serviced performance by 520 percent in first year (from 14 to 87 percent)
  • Liberated many labor hours the financial aid processing staff previously spent answering calls—reduced processing cycle
  • All incoming calls terminate at single, more efficient 1 800 "location"
  • Virtually eliminated customer complaints about phone system incoming call process
  • Substantially increased employee satisfaction-more efficient system reduced worker stress
  • Call center agents can now log onto system and serve customers from any desktop location

Company Profile

CSU was established in 1964. Since then, the campus has grown to include 40+ buildings over 85 acres. Its many colleges serve a student body numbering 16,000 and more than 90,000 alumni.