Community Bankshares, Inc.

CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port replaced the old frame relay network, saving approximately 15
percent per month in network costs.

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Thom Wathen,
VP/IT Director
Finance and Accounting


Business Challenge

Community Bankshares was using frame relay-based communications, but dropped packets and slow application access speeds lowered the level of customer service that employees could deliver to the bank’s clients. The hub-and-spoke architecture was also time-consuming to set up and administer.


Community Bankshares’ IT team rolled out the CenturyLink IQ Private Port service to 42 locations in Colorado and California over a six week period. CenturyLink IQ Private Port uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) to create a fully-meshed network. In addition, a CenturyLink Metro Ethernet pipe links the company’s data center to its corporate offices.

Benefits and Results

  • Replacing the frame relay network with MPLS-based CenturyLink IQ PrivatePort service is saving approximately 15 percent per month in network costs
  • MPLS-based CenturyLink IQ Private Port service eliminates the single point of congestion of the hub-and-spoke design and is easier to maintain
  • Time to configure and provision new sites is cut by at least 50 percent
  • CenturyLink MPLS-based network helps address requirements for data security
  • Faster network supports improved customer service

Company Profile

Founded in 1989, Community Bankshares is a holding company with 42 Community Banks locations providing personal and business banking services across Colorado and California. The growth strategy at Community Bankshares relies on finding excellent people and providing them with the resources to do the best job that they can. The banks communications network is a key part of that strategy.