Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc.

The company's existing hosting provider had run out of space, and Scribe Healthcare needed to expand its data center.

Mark Boyce



Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. (Scribe Healthcare) serves hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide, providing its proprietary Web platform to enhance patient registration processes, electronic medical records (EMRs) solutions, and practice and hospital management (PM and HM) solutions. Faced with rapid growth and the need to provide security and reliability to its customers, Scribe Healthcare looked for a hosting solution with the scalability and disaster recovery capabilities the company requires.


Scribe Healthcare chose CenturyLink Dedicated Hosting to give the company a reliable, disaster-resilient environment for the company's critical applications. Qwest also provides Scribe Healthcare with longdistance and toll-free communications services and Control Center, the Webbased configuration management tool.

Benefits and Results

  • CenturyLink Dedicated Hosting, in addition to other Qwest services, including long-distance and toll-free communications, provides the reliable, disaster-resilient environment required by Scribe Healthcare and its customers
  • The combination of Qwest services at Scribe Healthcare is saving approximately 30 percent over similar services from previous providers
  • Scribe Healthcare predicts it will achieve as much as 20 percent savings on labor with Qwest teams performing needed system changes in its data centers
  • Scribe Healthcare is saving on capital equipment by using Qwest solutions instead of more expensive routers since Qwest helped the company simplify its connectivity

Company Profile

Scribe Healthcare is a privately-held healthcare technology company based in the Chicago area. The company provides online technology solutions for clinical information production and workflow management and analysis. Physicians, clinicians, administrative personnel and transcriptionists nationwide are among Scribe Healthcares approximately 15,000 users, and the companys customer base is growing rapidly.