Alcohol Monitoring Systems

Alcohol Monitoring Systems works with governmental agencies to provide ankle bracelets that monitor alcohol consumption. Their current vendor could not provide ample space for growth and wanted the organization to move locations. Decision makers began to look for a new solution that would meet their business needs.



The company's collocation vendor could not provide sufficient space to meet projected growth. Furthermore, the firm's intranet connectivity reached its capacity and was causing congestion between locations.


Managers purchased the Qwest® Dedicated Hosting Collocation service, moving their test environment into two rack spaces at a Qwest CyberCenter®. They then linked two remote data center locations to the collocation facility via a 100 Mbps Qwest Metro Optical Ethernet (QMOE ®) circuit. Redundant Qwest High-Speed Internet® circuits provide reliable access to the firm's Web-based application.

Benefits and Results

  • Doubled collocation footprint at 10 percent lower cost
  • Qwest Metro Optical Ethernet (QMOE ®) increased inter-facility capacity by 1,900 percent at about the same price
  • Scalable CyberCenter collocation space and services meet growth requirements
  • Redundant CyberCenter infrastructure and environmental controls ensure:
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Reliable communications services

Company Profile

Alcohol Monitoring Systems 108 employees work across the United States to sell, monitor and support the firm's continuous alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets. To date over 115,000 alcohol, drug, domestic violence and under-age drinking offenders in 48 states have been outfitted with the device.