Aurora Chamber of Commerce

The combined CenturyLink services and ShoreTel phone system gave the Chamber a modern telecommunications solution at an economical price.

George Peck



When the Chamber moved to a new location, managers took the opportunity to retire a 15-year old phone system. The 12-person non-profit organization needed to set a communications example for its membership by leveraging the latest in phone system functionality.


The Chamber of Commerce implemented the Integrated Access service to simultaneously support voice and data services along with the CenturyLink Switched Long Distance Service and ShoreTel Phone System. They worked with CenturyLink and ShoreTel technicians to install new communications infrastructure based on the ShoreWare Director, the ShoreTel Unified Messaging system and ShorePhone Series 230 and Series 560 IP phones.

Benefits and Results

  • The CenturyLink solution reduced telephone costs by $2,400 per year
  • A single CenturyLink point-of-contact simplifies the management of integrated voice and data services
  • New teleconferencing capabilities allow employees to dial in to meetings to avoid time-consuming and unsafe commutes during bad weather
  • The ShoreTel phone system is more reliable than the previous solution
  • The new phone system leverages scalable and upgradeable technology to protect the Chamber's investment for years to come
  • The feature-rich phone system eliminated the embarrassment of using an antiquated system

Company Profile

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization that promotes and serves businesses in the east Denver metro area. The Chamber pools the resources of its members so that they can accomplish collectively what individual business could not. Specifically, Chamber staffers act as liaisons with city, county and state officials and provide educational programs on business issues through seminars and workshops.