Bank and Office Interiors

Replacing five, separate, twenty-year old telecommunications systems with a unified communications solution helped Bank and Office Interiors reduce long distance fees, slash maintenance costs, improve employee productivity, and respond to customers faster.

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Danä DeVol,
Director of Information Technology



Five company locations had separate phone systems. Due to the 20-year age of these systems, it was difficult and time-consuming to administer and maintain them. Moreover, sourcing phones that worked with the older systems was expensive.


The company standardized on a Unified Cisco phone system for use by all employees. Call activity is managed with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway provides a centralized voice mail capability. The Qwest IQ Networking® Private Port service provides MPLS service to all five Washington State sites.

Benefits and Results

  • The IP Cisco phone system slashed maintenance costs by $10,000 annually.
  • The Qwest IQ Networking Private Port service provides on-net calling between offices to cut long-distance fees by thousands of dollars over five years.
  • The administration of the standardized, IP phone system is markedly easier, requires fewer labor hours and can be done remotely.
  • Acquiring additional Cisco IP phones is easier and less expensive than their legacy counterparts.
  • IP phone system features substantially improved employee productivity.
  • Cisco Unified Messaging notifies employees of messages so that they may respond faster to customers.
  • Teleconferencing feature enables up to six-person calls that legacy system did not have.

Company Profile

Seattle-based Bank and Office Interiors designs, constructs and installs efficient work spaces for a diverse clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies. Its comprehensive workplace solutions effectively integrate people, business processes, technologies and work spaces.