Communications and Technology

Communications and Technology

Learn how peers in communications and technology are working with CenturyLink to make the most out of their telecom and technology solutions.

  • Alcohol Monitoring Systems

    Customer growth caused Alcohol Monitoring Systems to reach the space limits of its former colocation provider.

  • Contact Solutions, Inc.

    Thousands of dialed number identification services (DNIS) are managed in real-time with Control Center.

  • Filltek

    Executives wanted to increase the operational efficiency of the firmís customer contact center and cut costs.

  • Televerde

    The complexity of Televerde's legacy system didn't match their needs, so services wereconsolidated with CenturyLink to a simpler, more reliable, and more affordable solution.

  • Synacor

    As an online data company, Synacorís reliance on CenturyLink is a business-critical partnership.