Contact Solutions, Inc.

Thousands of dialed number identification services (DNIS) are managed in real-time with Control Center.

Paul Logan
Call Center



Contact Solutions, Inc. is an interactive voice response (IVR) services provider that trims operational costs for contact center clients. As the company's toll-free usage reached 360 million minutes a year, managers looked for a provider who could deliver both volume discounts and stellar service.


Executives chose the CenturyLink Domestic Toll Free Service. Technicians implemented a DS-3 circuit at each of three sites to support 30 million minutes of inbound 800 call traffic per month. Administrators use CenturyLink Control Center to manage thousands of dialed number identification services (DNISes) in real-time.

Benefits and Results

  • CenturyLink volume pricing significantly lowered operating costs.
  • Savings were passed to customers and prospects to enhance the company's competitiveness.
  • Percentage-allocation feature allows managers to load-balance traffic in real-time.
  • CenturyLink solution eliminated after-hours software maintenance deployments.
  • CenturyLink Control Center gives administrators hands-on control of thousands of DNISes.
  • Managers can now bill down to a specific DNIS on a per-client basis.
  • Vastly simplifies and automates billing to resellers.
  • CenturyLink's Statistics Manager renders meaningful business intelligence about customer transactions.

Company Profile

Contact Solutions, Inc., an interactive voice response (IVR) services provider, expertly optimizes contact centers to save clients money in live agent costs while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. The company processes nearly 500 million inbound 800 calls per year on behalf of its customers. To ensure high availability and redundancy, the company established three geographically dispersed sites: in Virginia, Texas and California.