Davis County Sheriff

Managers wanted a more efficient solution that would perform periodic automatic rebids to update the caller�s location.

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Business Challenge

The County's existing 911 system had difficulty handling a dramatic increase in the number of 911 cell phone calls. These calls came in on a bank of incoming lines rather than dedicated 911 lines. In order to more efficiently process 911 calls originating from cell phones, managers felt it was time to consider state-of-the art solutions.


Decision-makers worked with CenturyLink technicians to successfully implement the PlantCML Patriot Sentinel 911 Solution. They added 17 PBX lines, ORION mapping and the Patriot stats application. Managers also purchased the PlantCML Patriot Sentinel CommandPost module to allow mobile dispatching in emergency situations.

Benefits and Results

  • The PlantCML 911 Solution has performed reliably with no downtime to date
  • Patriot Stats module leads to more efficient staffing based on historical call volumes
  • Automatic rebid on 911 cell calls decreased mapping issues
  • PlantCML Patriot Sentinel CommandPost delivers flexibility to set up mobile 911 operations
    • A costly maintenance contract was eliminated by retiring the older equipment