Discover the World Marketing

With call volumes averaging from 35,000 to 50,000 calls each month, Discover needed a reliable IVR system and a reliable service provider.



The company's customer contact center books and aids travelers on behalf of corporate clients. Network outages and poor technical support motivated Discover the World to find a new hosted interactive voice response (IVR) service provider.


IT managers implemented the Qwest® Hosted IVR service at the firm's call center. The Qwest Hosted IVR solution traffics about 500,000 calls annually through the center's 15 ports. Managers also use the Qwest® Q Routing® service to route callers to employees with the expertise and training to assist them.

Benefits and Results

  • The Qwest Hosted IVR best practices and IVR service reduced caller hold time by 24 percent.
  • Proper routing of customer calls to specialized employees markedly improved sales efficiency.
  • The reliability and redundancy of the Qwest solution eliminated outage concerns.
  • Lower Qwest telecommunications charges, in combination with avoidance of in-house IVR infrastructure expenses, saved the company 30 to 35 percent in costs
  • Qcontrol® enables IT staffers to respond to sales or marketing initiatives in hours versus days

Company Profile

Discover the World Marketing (Discover) provides outsourced services to the travel industry. Hotels, airlines and rental car agencies hire the company to develop targeted marketing and sales initiatives. The company also offers seasoned sales and marketing specialists to implement such programs. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Discover has 82 offices in 54 countries. Its global client list includes more than 50 major travel corporations. Annual revenues of roughly $500,000,000 make Discover the largest travel representation company worldwide.