Execu-Center is an office facility for small and start up business that require executive suites with phone and Internet services. Clients need fast, safe, reliable Internet and phone solutions to conduct their business.



Execu-Center provides physical and virtual office suites to small businesses. Managers needed a new phone system to provide competitive-advantage phone services to their clients. They wanted to retain current customers and win new customers at a higher price point.


Managers worked with CenturyLink technicians to implement a ShoreTel IP Phone system. The solution supports 42 office suites with 70 phones at the firm's office center. Receptionist is able to tailor incoming call greetings on a per-customer basis and to transfer calls directly to clients. Features include voice mail and find-me-follow-me capabilities among others. The firm also uses the CenturyLink PRI Service.

Benefits and Results

  • Managers project a return-on-investment of 200 percent over the next five years on the ShoreTel Solution
    • Value-add phone features allowed Execu-Center to charge per-square foot rates three times the standard rate
  • The flexibility of the ShoreTel IP Phone system to easily scale up or down allows the company to nimbly adapt to changing business conditions
  • ShoreTel phone system helped doubled sales closure rate in first six months of service
    • State-of-the-art phone features satisfy client expectations
    • Able to provision new client phone set up in minutes versus a day with the legacy system
  • ShoreTel phone system is easy to administer and configure—requires minimal administrative hours

Company Profile

Execu-Center, a family-owned and operated firm, has served the needs of business owners since 1996. It manages a 14,500 square foot, B-space building in East Denver that features 42 offices, conference rooms, mail boxes and photocopy machines. The shared resources model helps the firm leverage economies of scale to keep costs low. In addition to the physical facilities businesses demand, Execu- Center also now delivers highly-competitive phone services. These include voicemail along with a complimentary roll-over line for customers. The find-me-follow-me capability provides the instant accessibility clients demand.