Jordan School District

Replacing T-1 lines with 1 Gbps GeoMax service enabled a VoIP solution that allowed the elimination of 412 analog phone lines.

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Duane Devey,
Director of Custodial/Energy Services



Voters split the school district into two areas prompting IT managers to reorganize their infrastructure into two separate data centers. Simultaneously, the existing T-1 network failed to deliver adequate bandwidth to meet growing educational requirements.


Decision makers standardized upon the CenturyLink GeoMax service and worked with CenturyLink engineers and technicians to divide the district's infrastructure. To date, they have replaced T-1 lines with 1 Gbps circuits at 35 schools.

Benefits and Results

  • CenturyLink personnel deliver superior service and support:
    • Helped complete a successful split of the District's shared infrastructure to meet a voter mandate
    • Are "masterful" at getting the collaboration of multiple public and private entities to complete the GeoMax installations
  • Replacement of T-1 lines with 1 Gbps GeoMax service:
    • Enabled a VoIP solution that allowed the elimination of 412 analog phone lines
    • Dramatically increased Web access and application performance to significantly improve user satisfaction and make better use of finite classroom time
    • Allowed an elementary school principal to save at least $40,000 formerly spent on physical globes and maps. Instead, students access up-to-date geographic materials via the GeoMax circuit
    • Delivered greater service uptime

Company Profile

Jordan School District(JSD) lies on the outskirts of Salt Lake City where nearly 50,000 students attend classes daily. The public school system operates 52 schools serving grade levels pre-K through 12.