Mainsource Financial Group, Inc.

A meshed network with CenturyLink eliminated single point of failure existent in hub-and-spoke frame relay architecture.

Brian Coy
Chief Information Officer


Business Challenge

The pending expiration of a frame relay service contract motivated managers to seek out a new solution. The planned addition of 10 branch offices mandated a more scalable solution while a goal of implementing a cost-saving VoIP phone system suggested migrating to an MPLS network.


Managers deployed the CenturyLink Private Port service at 70 offices throughout Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. They also transitioned to Cisco 2000 Series Routers and 3700 Series Multiservice Access Routers at these locations. The CenturyLink solution replaced a hub-and-spoke architecture with a meshed, any-to-any topology.

Benefits and Results

  • MPLS solution saved 20 percent over the previous frame relay network
  • Disaster recovery (DR) switchover can now be done in minutes versus 3-8 hours
  • Able to easily locate and hire IP/Cisco technicians to support MPLS/Cisco solutions
    • Liberated 6-18 frame relay administration hours per month for CIO
  • Meshed network eliminated single point of failure existent in hub-and-spoke frame relay architecture
  • Meshed network more efficiently utilizes bandwidth than legacy solution

Company Profile

Mainsource Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MSFG) is a financial holding company based in Greensburg, Indiana. For 2008, the company had assets of $2.9 billion. The firm's 915 employees provide a wide range of financial services through three banking subsidiaries, and operate out of 85 banking offices across Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.