University Federal Credit Union

Customer expectations require that the credit union's AT M and online banking services be available 24x7, and that transactions occur without delay. Thus, to retain a competitive edge, IT managers need to maintain a highly reliable network infrastructure capable of supporting application performance requirements.

Steve Slane
VP of Information Systems



In order to meet customer's high expectations, managers sought to increase the redundancy and reliability of their communications network. They wanted to replace a vulnerable hub and spoke network topology with a point-to-point meshed architecture. Server and desktop virtualization initiatives called for increased bandwidth as did data backups that ballooned to use up the available nightly window.


Managers implemented the CenturyLink Metro Ethernet service at the credit union's 14 branches and data centers. The service provides data transport between branches, ATMs and the firm's data centers. Users access the Internet via the CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service. Managers also implemented the CenturyLink Business Local Phone service to support 200 phone lines.

Benefits and Results

Reduced telecom expenses by 15 percent per month to achieve a project ROI within 2.5 years

  • Increased application performance to satisfy customer and user expectations
    • Timely online banking and ATM application response times help to retain customers
    • All but eliminated employee complaints related to slow data download times
    • Boosted branch bandwidth by 233 percent (from 1.5 to 5 Mbps)
    • Increased data center bandwidth by 900 percent (from 10 to 100 Mbps)
  • Enhanced business continuity by migrating from hub and spoke to point-to-point meshed architecture
    • Eliminated most single points of failure
    • Incorporated multiple switching stations to increase network redundancy
    • Meshed topology enables rapid fail over to backup data center to avoid noticeable interruption of customer services
  • Consolidation onto single CenturyLink data transport, Internet and phone services reduced administration burden

Company Profile

University Federal Credit Union (UF CU) operates throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. The firm boasts $550 million in assets and has cultivated a client list that includes 74,000 members. These customers cover the spectrum of business, individual and student market segments. The credit union offers a wide spectrum of services via its 14 branch locations, 30 AT Ms and online banking applications. These include checking and savings account services, loans, and card services.