Waldorf Astoria

Supplying customer-satisfying Wi-Fi allows market share growth in a competitive environment by getting telecom services right.

Kerrington L. Hing
General Manager
Dedicated Hosting Services (Colocation)
Hospitality & Food Service



Slow Wi-Fi performance negatively impacted the Internet experience for business and vacationing guests. Customer conversations focused on complaints and Hilton Corporate executives pressed for a solution to protect the firm's brand, market share and room pricing.


The General Manager selected the CenturyLink® Ethernet, CenturyLink® Networking Internet Port solutions from among two competing vendors. CenturyLink project managers oversaw the permitting, construction and deployment of the 50 Mbps fiber circuit to the hotel's mountain location.

Benefits and Results

  • CenturyLink® Wi-Fi solution dramatically improved customer satisfaction (by 10 points on satisfaction survey.)
  • Eliminated Wi-Fi service complaints from customers.
  • Put to rest corporate executive concern over the internet performance issue.
  • Protected luxury Astoria brand by offering high-performance Wi-Fi access.
  • Protected against market share and room rate losses.
  • Experienced eight-plus months of reliable, no-outage service to date in rugged, mountain environment.
  • Recovered hours formerly devoted to Wi-Fi issues for high-value activities.
  • Increased employee productivity—High-performance Wi-Fi enabled employees to complete tasks during meetings.
  • Lowered costs to recruit and interview prospective employees—Broadband connection enabled video conferencing to replace some face-to-face meetings.