Washington Trust Bank

Adding functionality to the network meant smoother intra office communication and more efficient means for locations to work together.


Business Challenge

Because of the rapid growth of their call center, Washington Trust needed to add functionality to their network that allowed for smoother intra-office communication and more efficient means for locations to work together. In addition to needing a more complete business continuity solution, they also required a proper disasterrecover plan that their traditional frame relay technology could not support. To meet growing business opportunities, Washington Trust's network needed to grow as well; that meant an easier and scalable growth solution was needed. And to ensure Washington Trust continued to protect its banking customers' privacy, it needed a network partner that provided the highest levels of security, redundancy and backup capabilities, network availability and performance for its data and application needs.


The CenturyLink account team designed and implemented an IP-based migration to CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Ports that eased new location additions with any-to-any connectivity and increased bandwidth. Additionally, CenturyLink provided Washington Trust's traffic with enhanced security via the CenturyLink private MPLS-based network. The complete CenturyLink solution also incorporated disaster recovery measures by introducing connectivity to a new, secondary customer data center. This provided dynamic rerouting requests to the secondary location in the event of a disaster.

Company Profile

Washington Trust is the largest privately owned commercial bank in the Northwest, serving Washington/Idaho for over 100 years.It has over 30 branches in 15 Washington and Idaho communities with deposits in excess of $2 billion.