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Eric Bozich Talks About the Qwest 100Gbps Backbone and Developments in Ethernet Services

Eric Bozich, vice president National Services at Qwest, talks about how the Qwest backbone will scale quickly and cost-effectively for enterprise, consumer, and wholesale customers. Bozich also describes the range of shared and dedicated Ethernet services Qwest offers, and shares how Qwest is participating in developing industry-standard processes for network-to-network interfaces for Ethernet services.

A Qwest VP Tells How to Handle H1N1 at the Office

Eric Bozich, Qwest vice president National Services, answers a series of questions about the potential impact of H1N1 at the workplace and how to keep a business operating in the event of a pandemic.

Trends and Advances in Communications Technologies: Pieter Poll's View

Recently, Qwest CTO Pieter Poll sat down with key news outlets resulting in several online interviews. In three separate interviews linked here, Poll brings into focus his thoughts on current trends and advances in communications technologies, including cloud computing, social networking , and the super-fast broadband speeds planned for Qwest's long-haul network.

EVP = Exploring Valuable Principles With Qwest's Bob Tregemba

Wanna grow your career and become an executive of a major service provider? Follow Bob Tregemba's advice: Be sure your peers know you are pulling for them. THEY are the ones that will make you promotable.

An All Digital Hospital Webcast

Western Regional Medical Center in the CTCA network relies on a high-speed networking solution designed by Qwest Communications to help deliver a fully integrated, patient-centered treatment experience that combines traditional, state-of-the-art medical treatments with scientifically supported complementary therapies.

Q&A with Qwest CTO Pieter Poll

Pieter Poll touches upon all aspects of the network and customer experiences, including fiber, residential, video, business and even cloud computing. True to form, Poll is a true visionary and demonstrates a deep understanding of what the customer wants to experience and how technology can deliver that experience.

Q&A with Qwest's Trent Clausen, Director of OSP Engineering

Trent Clausen, Director of OSP Engineering, Qwest Communications, is profiled in a thought-leadership Q&A on the topic of broadband: how best to deploy it, what it means for consumers to have a converged voice, video, data and wireless service, and how we'll need to train technicians as the technology matures.

Top 3 Imperatives for Investing in IT During the Downturn

Eric Bozich, vice president, project management, Qwest, underscores the three operational imperatives that businesses must focus on in 2009 to make their networks as secure and efficient as possible.

Qwest Honored by Cisco

Qwest Communications was recently named recipient of three Cisco Partner Summit awards: US & Canada Service Provider Partner of the Year, Service Provider Advanced Technology Partner of the Year, and Service Provider Services Partner of the Year.

IBM, Qwest Delivering IT Services To Mid-Sized Businesses

IBM and Qwest Communications International have teamed up to deliver packaged IT infrastructure services to mid-size businesses across the United States. The telecom and IT software partnership is largely based on the concept that many mid-size businesses want sophisticated computing services, but can't afford the capital investment.

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