AMMEX cut monthly telecom spend by 40% by consolidating voice and data services onto CenturyLink IQ® Networking Private Port service.

Prevent Downtime, Improve Call Quality

Frequent natural disasters in the Pacific Rim worried managers charged with preventing any downtime at the firm's Philippine call center. At the same time, they wanted to improve the quality of the sales calls by lowering dropped-packet and latency circuit performance.

Managers chose CenturyLink from among four RFP respondents to be their international telecom partner. They implemented the CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port service at offices in China, the Philippines and Seattle, Washington. In addition to using these lines for VoIP calls, users centrally access company applications and data at the Seattle data center.

Benefits and Results

  • Cut monthly telecom spend by 40 percent by consolidating voice/ data services onto CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port service.
  • Improved call quality to promote customer retention and sales call productivity.
    • MPLS service reduced packet loss to nearly zero.
    • Latency between U.S. and Philippines offices dropped to 185 millisecondslow by international standards.
  • Leveraged CenturyLink's international relationships and expertise:
    • Facilitates the timely resolution of local provider issues and trouble tickets.
    • Enables the rapid turn-up of new services.
  • Realized uptime objectives through resilient MPLS solution that can re-route traffic quickly in the event of frequent, regional natural disasters.

Company Profile
AMMEX Corporation (AMMEX) imports and distributes high-quality, gloves and body-protection products. Its glove line alone is expansive, serving the needs of health care providers, food-service customers and janitorial and automotive setting users.

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