Cancer Research UK Races Ahead of Competition with CenturyLink Hybrid Solution

Cancer Research UK needed a new IT solution that could handle peak traffic spikes and act as a failsafe in a disaster. CenturyLink designed a customer Hybrid IT solution at 50% less cost than the majority of other service providers and executed on a tight, critical timeline. 

Custom Hybrid IT Solution for Critical Services Delivered on Tight Timeline

Cancer Research UK relied on the performance of their Race for Life online service but their hosting solution couldn’t handle traffic spikes at the most important times of the year. They explored moving in-house, but the costs were too high. A pure managed service wouldn’t work either. Cancer Research UK needed a custom hybrid solution that delivered performance and flexibility at a cost that let them direct resources to their most important goals—curing cancer.

With an impending ramp-up in campaign activity, time was of the essence. CenturyLink helped Cancer Research UK design a hybrid solution of dedicated cloud and collocated infrastructure supported by 24-hour monitoring and NOC services. The web application and infrastructure, the essential elements of the Race for Life online service, requiring 24/7 support and monitoring, were migrated to CenturyLink's dedicated cloud with a full support service level agreement provided for the infrastructure and operating systems up to application layer.


  • Dedicated Hybrid Cloud Environment
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
  • Major Cost Savings on IT Monitoring and Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring and NOC Services
  • Achieved for 50% Less Cost than Majority of Other Service Providers

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