Email Defense

Protect Yourself against Spam and Free Up Valuable Network Resources with Email Defense

Frustrated with the amount of spam in your network? E-mail spam, viruses and other malware waste network resources and degrade employee productivity. CenturyLink provides a gateway-based Email Defense managed security service that filters and cleans e-mail from the Internet before it reaches your network. The service can also block inappropriate content coming in and going out, and prevent e-mail malware from infiltrating your network. CenturyLink Email Defense allows you to move the burden of dealing with spam and viruses away from your end users to a single managed solution.

Email Defense Features

  • Spam blocking
  • Gateway-based content filtering
  • Virus scanning and worm detection
  • Web-based interface for monitoring and administration
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • E-mail backup support
  • Automatic user account provisioning and reporting
  • Customized allow lists and deny lists
  • Customized threshold levels
  • Quarantine reports
  • 24/7 support

Email Defense Benefits

  • Move the burden of dealing with spam and viruses from the end user to a single managed solution in the network
  • Reduce traffic, processing, and storage on your network
  • Avoid single point of failure
  • Get up-to-the-minute real-time threat monitoring and protection
  • Access quarantined messages, define filtering preferences, create deny and allow lists, view message reports and statistics, and search the quarantine database via a secure custom Web site
  • Get up to 5 days of automatic email storage in the event of your email server going down

How Email Defense Works

The CenturyLink Email Defense service is a completely managed security service requiring no additional hardware or software. You make a simple change to your mail exchange (MX) record by pointing your original MX record to the CenturyLink-specified MX record. The service then filters e-mail through the CenturyLink Email Defense service prior to reaching your network.

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