Professional Security Services

Protect Your Business with Network Security Services from CenturyLink

As technology advances, you're likely to face increased threats to your business network security. Catastrophic data losses and resulting costs to your business can come from relatively invisible sources, such as database vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and access control problems. Normally benign activities, like email, instant messaging, Internet usage, and file sharing can also open you up to serious threats. And wireless access—an increasingly common convenience offered to employees, vendors and customers—adds another level of data security risk.

CenturyLink's network security assessment services can help protect your business against all these threats. Our security experts will analyze and assess your company's data vulnerabilities, and then design and implement a portfolio of solutions to help build you a better data security system.

Professional Security Services How We Protect Your Data
Penetration Testing Identify attempts to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to systems and information from either WAN or LAN
Web Application Security Reviews Assess web applications for various vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Information System Security (INFOSEC) Risk Assessment Perform a 16-area network security risk assessment based on the NSA's INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM) guidelines and ISO standards, creating a roadmap for how to improve your current situation
War-Dialing / VoIP Security Testing Discover and test analog devices and VOIP systems
Wireless Reviews Use various hacking techniques to discover, identify, and penetrate WEP- and WPA-protected wireless network threats
System Interrogation / Architecture Reviews Review system configurations, architecture, and policies for compliance with minimum security baselines
Security Program Manager Build, implement, and manage the enterprise security architecture as a co-sourced security offering
Data Forensics Develop an incident response program, and provide preservation of data services and expert testimony
Cross Compliance Support Develop a cross-utilized matrix for each regulation to reduce scope and increase efficiency (GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FISMA, NERC CIP, TG-3, etc.)
Security Design & Implementation Plan, deploy, integrate, and configure a system to support information security architecture