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Banking and Credit Institutions

What if you could save enough to open a new branch?

With CenturyLink's Metro Ethernet, a bank institution saved almost $495k in hardware, support, and collocation costs - equal to the average capital cost of a new branch.*

*Reed Construction Data. Construction Cost Estimating: Bank Construction Costs. November 2011.

How are you driving efficiency?

Banking and Credit Institutions

Of the 400 rules enacted in Dodd-Frank, only 51 had been completed as of mid-july 2011.*
That's only 13%, or 3 miles, into a 26-mile marathon.

*Dodd-Frank financial requlation in neutral. Claes Bell. Bankrate.com. November 2011.

Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

Banking and Credit Institutions

Replacing call-center services with mobile banking services
is like buying each of your customers a bottle of champagne

*Setting US Mobile banking priorities for 2011. Opportunities Attainable in the Short Term. Tower Group. November 2011.

for the price of a can of soda. How do you support mobile customers?

Banking and Credit Institutions

Make the Most of Your IT Banking and Network Investment

Your organization's IT infrastructure can play a critical role in keeping up with the dynamic financial market and is crucial to your reputation and success. With the right combination of cost-effective, flexible, and dependable network solutions, you can:

  • Increase operational efficiencies across your enterprise
  • Create new IT-enabled revenue opportunities
  • Manage evolving compliance, risk management, governance and customer demands
  • Maintain consistent uptime and performance for your network and applications
  • Enable self-service, mobile and online applications

What if you had a single service provider to help you accomplish this? CenturyLink can help you achieve all these goals by helping you make the most of your network investment. Through better control of your infrastructure costs, flexible management of changing demands, and improvements in business continuity, you can leverage your IT infrastructure for a significant competitive advantage.

Increase operational efficiency and drive new revenue opportunities

What if you could see exactly what resources your organization has, and how they are being used to avoid overspending? When you work with CenturyLink, you can identify where your costs are going and how to improve efficiency, with:

  • Complete inventory audits
  • Quarterly service reviews
  • End-to-end performance reporting

This can also free up resources that can be redirected to new revenue opportunities. When you partner with CenturyLink, you can build and support a flexible IT infrastructure that can help drive revenue from other sources, including mobile banking and payments, which will grow to be a substantial revenue source in the next 1 to 4 years. Global revenues brought from mobile transactions are predicted to grow by more than 43% by 2012.1

Manage evolving compliance and customer demands

What if you could limit the impact of changing compliance demands while attracting and retaining customers? With CenturyLink, you can improve service, meet customers' online and mobile banking needs, and gain better customer insights with dependable, on-demand Contact Center Solutions and expert design services for both Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management.

With increasing regulatory pressures on commercial banks, credit unions, card issuers, lenders and other financial services companies, you need to be able to demonstrate compliance without overextending your resources. With CenturyLink, you can extend and maximize your existing core bank systems and branch networks using converged solutions like Integrated Access, Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking. You can also improve security monitoring and make compliance reporting easier with less management using our expert managed hosting and network management services.

Deliver the uptime your customers are demanding and limit the risk of an outage

What if you could manage your network more efficiently—would that help you mitigate risk and manage compliance? With CenturyLink, you'll be working with a partner who can deliver superior network availability and performance, supported by 24/7 performance monitoring and strong SLAs. This is crucial as you add mobile and digital banking capabilities to your menu of services to enhance your customers' experience. You can set dependable, automated controls in place to manage your services in a way that easily accommodates changes and reduces risk.

Do you need to consolidate offices, or integrate a new branch to your network quickly? Can you do this today without causing an outage or degrading performance? CenturyLink solutions can help you:

  • Extend advanced ATM functionality with greater security
  • Provide subject matter experts to customers via a branch video teller solution
  • Monitor your network and applications in real-time
  • Make on-demand adjustments to your network capacity

1. Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit 2012, Ovum 2010

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