Healthcare Solutions

Through providing for our thousands of healthcare customers, CenturyLink understands how healthcare IT must leverage communications like never before to simultaneously benefit patients and manage fiscal responsibility.

CenturyLink knows solutions must be delivered on-budget, on-time, and with the highest grade of customer service and support. Whether you need more bandwidth for real-time image transfers, additional security, or help streamlining workflows, CenturyLink is 100% at your service.

Increase Bandwidth for Healthcare Platforms of the 21st Century

CenturyLink's bandwidth solutions provide access to real-time information, which can help reduce errors, assist clinicians with diagnoses and reduce costs. With CenturyLink's network and many Ethernet solutions, you gain immediate bandwidth to move large quantities of data in real-time, as well as the support needed to use many applications at once. Most importantly, because healthcare IT needs evolve so rapidly, both Ethernet and CenturyLink's network provide the ability to easily increase future bandwidth.

CenturyLink IQ™ Networking

Our networking service can help create a high-speed, reliable, and scalable virtual healthcare solution. You can maintain cost-effective communications with your branch offices, mobile employees and physicians quickly and easily.


Ethernet provides a flexible, reliable way to interconnect locations across a metropolitan (city-wide) footprint. By extending Ethernet beyond the campus-bound LAN out to the MAN, an enterprise's overall networking performance is significantly enhanced.

Internet Access

When an office needs Internet connectivity to connect to patients, hospitals, labs or other partners, CenturyLink can layer in security for cost-effective solutions.

CenturyLink's Hosting and Call Routing Services

Time dedicated to patients is crucial for good care. Patient needs come first, and when they are phoning, getting them where they need to go quickly and accurately serves multiple purposes. By streamlining time spent on hundreds—and even thousands—of calls per day, you may reduce resource time and costs, while increasing patient satisfaction and face-time—subsequently generating more referrals to your practice.

CenturyLink's Contact Center and Voice products, such as call hosting, call routing with speech recognition, call identification and call prioritization, can help your employees maximize time by routing calls to the appropriate place, rather than passing a caller on to multiple departments. These hosted solutions are tailored to your business size and can grow with your changing needs.

CenturyLink IQ™ Security

With increased use of the Internet, comes increased risk. CenturyLink's security solutions allow you to be at ease when accessing your data from any location, whether at a patient's home or at your office.

HIPAA and other requirements are being transformed to confront the security needs within the virtual world. Additionally, more standards are being established as the use of IT in healthcare grows. CenturyLink's security solutions help protect you from dangerous viruses, spam and other threats reaching your business with state-of-the-art email defense tools, firewalls, encryption, disaster prevention, recovery products and on-demand audit reports.

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    Case Studies

    Advanced Medical Imaging

    Advanced Medical Imaging provides radiology interpretation services to clinics, hospitals, and urgent care facilities. 30,000 images a year are sent over Qwest's iQ Network for radiologists' to interpret and report back. The Qwest MPLS circuit provided an increase in bandwidth allowing doctors to read images in real time, thereby providing patients with faster results.

    The Children's Hospital

    Decision makers evaluated three leading vendors in the Denver area. They found that CenturyLink's solution provided the flexibility in their service offerings, the ability to work with the hospital in a "partnership" capacity, and the ability to lower costs. The CenturyLink™ Metro Optical Ethernet service (QMOE™) solution connects 15 sites in the Denver metro area.

    Scribe Healthcare Technologies

    Faced with rapid growth and the need to provide security and reliability to its customers, Scribe Healthcare looked for and found a hosting solution with the scalability and disaster recovery capabilities the company requires.

    Vantage Oncology Inc.

    Vantage Oncology evaluated four potential vendors and chose multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based CenturyLink iQ™ Networking Private Port service for its 24 centers across the U.S. In addition, CenturyLink provided a wide range of Cisco equipment for the centers and for the corporate location in California.