Retail Solutions

Get Reliability. Manage Growth. Build Customer Loyalty.

CenturyLink understands what it takes to excel in retail, and that you are serious about your return on investment. That's why we've developed award-winning solutions for retailers of any size.

CenturyLink's customers report that better business intelligence and a better carrier have enabled their success. For a cost equal to or less than what they have spent in the past, CenturyLink customers are creating brand loyalty and great customer experiences because of a seamless flow of real-time information to more people in more places.

Strengthen Bandwidth for Retail in the 21st Century

CenturyLink's bandwidth solutions help customers achieve what they require: secure, fast and efficient transactions and the ability to analyze data to effectively manage inventory, customer loyalty and promotions. With CenturyLink's network and Ethernet solutions, you gain immediate bandwidth to move large quantities of data in real-time, as well as the support needed to use many applications at once. Most importantly, because IT needs evolve so rapidly, both Ethernet and CenturyLink's network provide the ability to easily increase future bandwidth.

CenturyLink IQ™ Networking

Our networking service can help create a high-speed, reliable, and scalable virtual retail solution. You can maintain cost-effective communications with all your locations, mobile employees and customers quickly and easily.


Ethernet provides a flexible, reliable way to interconnect business locations across a metropolitan (city-wide) footprint. By extending Ethernet beyond the campus-bound LAN out to the MAN, an enterprise's overall networking performance is significantly enhanced.

Internet Access

When a retailer needs Internet connectivity to serve customers, review transactions, or connect with other locations, CenturyLink can layer in security features for cost-effective solutions.

Centrally Manage Your Network

CenturyLink provides reliable and centrally manageable contact center and network services, so businesses can operate and grow without pain. By using a centrally manageable network and consolidating to one vendor, you can view customer and inventory data, conduct analysis to combine online and in-store strengths and improve productivity, loyalty and sales—all in real-time.

Consolidate Networks and Operations to Reduce Costs

A strong and enhanced network allows for frictionless business operations, because it provides the foundation needed to leverage advanced tools for inventory management, multi-channel sales, enhanced order fulfillment processes and product placement. With services from CenturyLink, our customers have been able to:

  • Take orders online, then manage and track them to in-store fulfillment.
  • Provide service channels with real-time visibility into orders and customer information.
  • Give call center agents visibility into relevant cross-sells, up-sells and promotions.
  • Provide information to in-store employees so that customers can be better served while in-store.
  • Integrate point of sale (POS) information with a customer's past history.
  • Provide call centers access to Web customer transaction data.
  • Manage inventory seamlessly between locations.

As online and over-the-phone purchases become more popular, a CenturyLink contact center may be your solution for your customer service, inbound or outbound calling needs. A contact center provides design, build and run services for networked interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition solutions. Whether in-house or at a CenturyLink-managed center, with a contact center, you can easily deploy applications without purchasing expensive, proprietary equipment and ultimately reduce operational expenses.

Advanced Reporting with Control Center

Control Center is a free, secure, self-service Web portal that provides access to critical tools. It's an easy-to-use, business-friendly resource that helps you answer your largest—and sometimes your smallest—data and network questions.

  • eBilling Manager—Centralize local and national billing information across your CenturyLink™ service offerings, including detailed reporting and analytics tools.
  • Repair Manager—Create and track status of trouble tickets.
  • Inventory Manager—View inventory and make configuration changes.
  • Statistics Manager—View historical and real-time network statistics and create detailed reports.
  • Status Manager—Stay informed of your network status and performance.
  • Administration Manager—Create and manage secure profiles for your enterprise users.

Enhance System Security

With most purchase transactions made with credit or debit cards, security has become a priority for both retailers and consumers in order to prevent increasing data and identity thefts. Implement security standards to help keep all your information secure and safe with CenturyLink's security solutions.

PCI Compliance

To ensure a satisfactory level of transaction security, merchants, service providers and credit card processors must meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. CenturyLink follows industry-leading network security standards and best practices to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of customer and company information. CenturyLink offers multiple PCI-compliant solutions that can help businesses secure their customer payment card data and achieve PCI compliance.

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