flexible as YOUR NETWORK

Change Is the Only Constant in Business.

To keep up, companies spent $624 Billion in 2010 on IT hardware*—in a down economy. But the pace of change is accelerating. What if you could abandon the "best guess" approach to defining network requirements and efficiently scale your network—and its costs—in response to demand?

*IDC, August 2010

What if you could respond efficiently to changes in demand?

It's essential that your business has the right network infrastructure in place to meet today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities. But industry analysts Ernst & Young recognize that the IT evolution cycle is accelerating, "making it harder to identify which technology to implement at which point in time."*

When you work with CenturyLink, you will have more access to precise, flexible and cost-effective ways to respond to changes in demand enabling you to:

  • Efficiently scale network capacity up or down in response to changing demands.
  • Extend and augment your IT staff to ensure you always have the expertise to take advantage of new technologies.
  • Safeguard your network investments without worrying that technology will slow your ability to respond to the market.

*Ernst & Young: Top 10 Risks in Telecommunications, 2010

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