cost-effective as YOUR NETWORK

Reducing Costs while Remaining Competitive Can Be Challenging.

Change is the only constant in business. To keep up, companies spent $624 Billion in 2010 on IT hardware-in a down economy. But the pace of change is accelerating. What if you could abandon the "best guess" approach to defining network requirements and efficiently scale your network-and its costs-in response to demand?

*IDC, August 2010

What if you could better control your network costs?

Without a firm understanding of where your costs are actually going—and what you are actually paying for—it's difficult to know where to start. It's no surprise that many companies report that they cannot be sure they are effectively utilizing the capacity they are paying for.

When you work with CenturyLink, we'll help identify areas that are under- or over-utilized so you always have a solid understanding of your capacity, and you can monitor activity and billing in a more informed manner. We'll design customized solutions to help you:

  • Minimize stranded capacity by auditing network assets and usage patterns to fine-tune your network.
  • Reduce billing errors by reviewing billing with your account manager in parallel with performance reporting.
  • Eliminate potential disruption when upgrading by setting up a second network in parallel at no extra cost during transition.

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