Intelligent Pre-Route

Reduce Call Transfers and Re-Routes

A virtual routing operation using your existing Cisco ICM premises system.

Distribute calls effectively between multiple locations, decrease your contact-center costs and create a faster, more effective calling experience for your customers.

Decrease Costs and Create a Better Customer Experience

Intelligent Pre-Route (IPR) is an application that provides your business with a virtual routing operation using your existing Cisco ICM premises system. It routes incoming CenturyLink® Toll Free Service calls to the appropriate destination directly from the toll-free network. IPR communicates with the premise ICM using industry-standard IP connectivity to determine the location, group, or individual best available to handle the incoming call. To achieve greatest efficiency, and maintain highest reliability, IPR uses Cisco technologies including: Call Manager, CRS protocol and standard network reporting.


Increase Contact Center Efficiency

  • Increase call volume with increasing headcount.
  • Reduce queue times, load balance, abandon rates.
  • Distribute calls across multiple systems and locations.

Capacity and Growth on Demand

  • Migrate and expand services without investing additional capital.

Improve Customer Service Experience

  • First call resolution capabilities.
  • Reduce transfers and re-routes.
  • Provide rapid response to unforseen events.

Reduce and Manage Costs

  • Enhances existing premises telephony infrastructure without costly networking expenses.
  • Complements telephony environment with network reliability and backup options.


Hosted on Our Reliable and Secure Network

Centralized Administration, Management and Reporting

State of the Art Call Routing Using Cisco Standard Tools

Route Across Multiple Locations and Groups

Enhanced Call Flow Across Diverse PBX Premises Telephony Systems

Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

How It Works

CenturyLink IPR is a network-hosted, pre-route application that connects to premises Cisco ICM. The premises ICM receives data from each premises telephony solution through peripheral gateways. CenturyLink IPR is connected to the customer ICM via TCP/IP allowing availability information to be shared between the two applications. Inbound CenturyLink Toll Free calls are briefly intercepted at the network central office and are provided routing instructions by CenturyLink IPR. When the routing instructions are delivered to the network central office, the call is diverted directly to the appropriate location or group. Information is passed back to the premises ICM detailing the call completion. Call statistics are shared with the premises-ICM system for real-time and historical reporting.

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