Call Routing: Interaction Routing

A Cloud-Based Network-Integrated Contact Center Solution

Serve multiple contact center locations from a single cloud-based platform.

Improve Performance. Increase Productivity. Lower Costs.

Interaction Routing is a Cloud-based, network-integrated service that provides virtual call center management oversight as if the system were on your premises. Route calls to any agent, whether you are using private branch exchange (PBX), Centrex, analog, ISDN, plain old telephone service (POTS), cellular, voice over IP (VoIP) or PC desktop phones—working in the office or at home. Agents can be centralized or widely dispersed, and the system can be configured to support even the largest agent populations. This solution can lower your contact center costs by 30% to 50%, eliminating large capital outlays, networking costs and the expense of specialized, dedicated IT staff and equipment maintenance.


Easily Adapt to Increases or Decreases in Demand

  • Quickly make changes to routing and staffing.
  • Get real-time access to transaction flow across your entire enterprise.
  • Get capacity and growth on demand.

Single Platform

  • Serve multiple locations from one platform.
  • One common management and reporting system.
  • On-demand access to agent and system reports across locations.

Increase Volume Without Additional Headcount

  • Reduce average call-handle times using CTI (network computer telephone integration).
  • Reduce queue times with queuing in the cloud.
  • Distribute calls based on agent expertise, not location.

Reduce and Manage Costs

  • Mitigate risk of purchasing premise technology that grows outdated.
  • Test new applications without capital outlays.
  • Reduce IT staff involvement.


Centralized Administration, Management, and Reporting

CTI and Agent Screen Pops

Multimedia (Email, Voice Mail, and Chat) Transactions

Network Skills-Based Business Rules Routing

TDM or VoIP Support

Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

How It Works

A toll-free number is a virtual address that points to one or more locations using intelligent network databases for routing criteria. The toll-free number can terminate to either switched or dedicated terminating addresses. A switched number is a 10-digit public switched telephone network dialable number that points to a single physical location in the network. A dedicated number is an internal identifier to the CenturyLink network that points to a single physical location.

Network Maps

The CenturyLink network covers the continental United States and has one of the largest fiber footprints. Internationally, we provide coverage to hundreds of destinations.

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