Central Office Automatic Call Distribution Service (CO-ACD)

Increase Your Call-Handling Efficiency to Improve Service while Reducing Costs

As the front door to your business, your call center can make a strong impression on customers—positive or negative. CenturyLink™ Central Office Automatic Call provided from the security of the Central Office (CO-ACD) helps you deliver a prompt and effective response to every caller, while also improving the cost-efficiency of your call center. Complete features to manage and track incoming calls enable you to distribute call volume to pre-designated groups of agents. As a central office-based system, CO-ACD provides rugged network reliability for optimal performance. Detailed reporting options help you improve planning and network management. Whether you start with two lines or thousands, CO-ACD lets you expand one line at a time as your business grows.

Automatic Call Distribution Features

  • Highly flexible call management, including allocating calls to secondary groups at specified call waiting thresholds
  • Can be used as the front end for modem pools, allowing for easy modem performance monitoring and automatic modem shutdown in the event of a problem
  • Support for telecommuting environments
  • Incoming call number displayed on computer screen
  • Phone usage tracking and analysis, including local calls
  • Storage and printing of up to 2,000 calls made and received
  • Missed call return with the click of a mouse
  • Detailed reporting options to help improve planning and network management

Automatic Call Distribution Benefits

  • Optimize staffing efficiency by allocating call volume intelligently across agents
  • Avoid the need to over-staff to handle peak periods
  • Gain visibility into incoming and missed calls
  • Avoid long waiting times and blocked calls
  • Develop your own personalized phone directory
  • Improve customer service by assigning certain calls to specially selected agent groups
  • Make changes quickly to stay on top of current call center conditions and priorities