Centrex Management System

Adapt Cost-Effectively to Changing Telecommunications Needs with a Comprehensive IP Centrex Management System

Predicting future telecommunications needs can be difficult, especially during times of rapid growth, downsizing, consolidation, restructuring, or relocation. It's all too easy to end up locked into—and paying for—a system that's the wrong size or configuration for your changing organization.

CenturyLink Centrex Management System (CMS) gives you direct control over your central office-based service to make changes quickly and easily without the need for costly, time-consuming service orders. A simple-to-use interface lets you add features, change parameters, expand calling groups, verify information, and give each member of your organization the right features and functions for their work. CenturyLink pioneered the development and deployment of central office-based communications solutions. Now, CenturyLink CMS puts today's broadest range of fast, reliable, and economical services right at your fingertips.

Centrex Management System Features

  • Simple-to-use, web-based graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Programmable feature changes
  • Priority and batch processing
  • Customizable station templates for specific internal groups
  • Daily review of system changes made both inside and outside the CMS platform
  • Regularly scheduled updates to ensure database integrity
  • Online help
  • Online verifications of service configurations and changes

Centrex Management System Benefits

  • Simplify changes with point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Optimize management efficiency by creating station templates for specific internal groups
  • Speed new employee training and productivity with printed copies of templates used as station-set layouts
  • Get your questions answered quickly with online help and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Execute feature changes at the ideal moment for your business by programming them in advance for automatic activation at a future time
  • Ensure database accuracy with regularly scheduled updates and CMS data loaded directly from the CenturyLink central office switch
  • Improve accountability with verifications that help ensure your services are configured accurately according to your specifications