Data Bundle

Eliminate Costly Downtime to Keep Your Business Data Network Operations Up and Running

When your network goes down, so do your business operations. CenturyLink IQ™ Data Bundle helps you maintain uninterrupted productivity while managing costs by providing complete data networking solutions through a single source, including data network services, equipment, installation, and local access. Whether you need to manage growth or streamline operations, multiple bandwidth configuration options let you provide the right level of support for your business and adapt easily to changing requirements. Optional security features help you protect your data and networks while providing access to your business.

CenturyLink IQ™ Data Bundle Features

  • High-performance, dedicated solution for Internet or private data networking that works with your internal network
  • Flexible options for port, equipment, loop, maintenance, support, service term, and optional network management services
  • Multiple bandwidth configuration options to mission-critical applications regardless of the size and location of your business
  • Support from our award-winning account and service teams
  • Versatile functionality that integrates easily with your network with no expensive overhauls
  • Around-the-clock network and hardware maintenance options are available, including end-to-end performance monitoring (Private Port and Enhanced Port)
  • Optional security solutions for your data and networks

CenturyLink IQ™ Data Bundle Benefits

  • Create the optimal data networking solution for your business today by selecting the best set of features for your business
  • Manage change easily through a comprehensive, single-source solution with flexible options
  • Simplify your network and cut costs at the same time
  • Stay competitive in fast-changing markets by upgrading bandwidth and hardware as your business needs change
  • Reduce risk by easing concerns about safety and uptime

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