Digital Trunks: Digital Switched Service(DSS)

Configure Your Telecommunications System to New Demands Easily and Cost-Effectively

Improving the quality of your voice services shouldn't require costly analog-to-digital conversion equipment. CenturyLink™ Digital Switched Service (DSS) lets you deliver fast, easy, and reliable analog and digital voice services over a digital transport. Clear connections free of crosstalk, amplified noise, or distortion help you communicate effectively and show your business at its best for callers. The complete switched digital network solution includes a DS-1 facility, common equipment, local-exchange switching, and flat-usage trunks for access to the local exchange network, all fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. As your business needs grow, CenturyLink™ DSS gives you a practical and dependable way to upgrade your telecommunications capability while controlling your costs.

CenturyLink™ Digital Switched Service (DSS) Features

  • Answer supervision with answer-back central office signaling to identify when a PBX call is completed
  • Two-way data trunks for video applications and 56 Kbps data transfer
  • Available remote local area network (LAN) access
  • Direct DS-1 interface to your PBX
  • Can be provisioned on a DS-3 or higher transport
  • Basic DSS with standard-class CLASS and line-side services including call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID
  • Advanced DSS with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services to optimize trunks and bypass the need for an attendant

CenturyLink™ Digital Switched Service (DSS) Benefits

  • Provide callers with a clear signal, free of crosstalk, amplified noise, and distortion
  • Achieve sub-second response time with nearly error-free performance
  • Eliminate costly analog-to-digital conversion equipment
  • Provide increased trunking efficiencies with two-way DID
  • Meet specific business needs with customized configured trunks

How CenturyLink™ Digital Switched Service (DSS) Works

At the central office, the facility is multiplexed by a D4 multiplexer onto basic and/or advanced trunks and connects to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). With CenturyLink™ DSS, the DS-1 passes from the central office to the DS-1 interface to the channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU) and then to the customer's digital PBX. Outbound caller ID does not work with DSS advanced trunks.

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