Domestic Toll-Free Service

Be Efficient, Cut Costs and Keep Your Customers Close with Toll-Free Services

With CenturyLink™ Toll-Free Service you can reduce your operational costs and maximize the efficiency of your business while providing quality service for your customers. Our powerful technologically advanced 8XX toll free service solution offers enhanced routing features that effectively distribute and manage calls to contact centers and that can be tailored to your changing business needs. This includes facilitating pre- and post-sale customer contact, order taking, product support, and other key customer-service functions.

CenturyLink Toll-Free Service Features

  • Custom business toll-free service pricing plans with a variety of origination, routing and termination features
  • International toll-free origination
  • Seamless integration with other CenturyLink voice and IP products
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive SLAs
  • Integrated billing and custom reporting capabilities
  • Tailored call coverage
  • Payphone blocking
  • Project account codes
  • Transfer and release
  • Dialed number identification service delivery
  • Real time automatic number identification delivery
  • Linking features
  • Ring-to level billing
  • Extensive routing features such as time-of-day, day-of-week and holiday routing
  • Geographic routing, GeoPlus routing, percentage-allocation routing, direct termination overflow routing, SuperTrunk routing, in-switch OverflowTrunk routing, busy ring-no-answer routing, and alternate call plan routing
  • Web-based configuration management tool

CenturyLink Toll-Free Service Benefits

  • Maximize customer satisfaction and increase customer retention by providing immediate, personal access to your company
  • Reduce transport costs and increase contact-center effectiveness
  • Enjoy worry-free uninterrupted business toll-free services
  • Change toll-free services based on the ebb and flow of your business

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