Event Conferencing

Productive Conference Calls That Really Do Cost Less

Make your business conference calls as productive as on-site meetings—without the travel costs.

Conference calls are supposed to help you manage your costs—not increase them. Without the right conferencing platform, you can end up spending more time setting up, managing, and troubleshooting calls than actually getting work done. 

Available for both small groups and large-scale events, CenturyLink® Event Conferencing solutions let you extend the reach of your corporate announcements to a virtually unlimited number of participants across the globe.

CenturyLink Event Auditorium lets you accommodate up to 4,000 participants cost-effectively through automated access and dedicated, full-time operator assistance.

For your image-impacting and large-scale events, CenturyLink Event Conferencing provides the highest levels of quality, service, and security. Whichever solution you choose, high-touch service from CenturyLink conference experts lets you focus on the task at hand instead of logistics. 

With industry-leading conference security features and an advanced fault-tolerant and redundant architecture, CenturyLink Event Conferencing delivers some of the highest levels of security screening in the industry with a 99.95 percent error-free performance goal.


Provide a convenient call-in experience for participants for both small meetings and large-scale events.

Reach an unlimited number of participants across the globe.

Ensure a professional conference call with expert support and a smooth caller experience.

Enable orderly interaction between speakers and attendees.

Capture complete call data and content.


Q&A support to allow attendees to participate in an audio question-and-answer session, providing orderly interaction between your speakers and audience.

Separate telephone line for event managers to stay on top of details and communicate fully without interrupting your conference.

Web-based Host Control tools to allow you to view and prioritize participants/Q&A.

Remote replay for those unable to attend.

Event monitoring by a dedicated Event Coordinator to ensure complete quality.

Customized greeting for your participants to hear as they join the conference.

Participant polling to maximize the effectiveness of your conference.

Transcription to capture conference content.

Recording on CD or in electronic format.

How It Works

CenturyLink provides Event Conferencing solutions for small groups and large audiences with Event and Event Auditorium. With Event, participants are admitted by an operator. Event Auditorium allows participants in via pass code. Both service levels include an experienced conferencing expert who helps you achieve your meeting goals by arranging reservations, coordinating special features and ensuring post-conference reports and recording delivery. Learn more about ensuring a successful Event call.

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