Hosted IVR

Great Customer Experience Meets Automation

CenturyLink® Hosted IVR—an integrated solution that lets you communicate with your customers more effectively.

Imagine if you could minimize risk, improve performance, manage growth and change, and maintain business continuity regardless of unforeseen circumstances or changes in your business economic model. CenturyLink Hosted IVR solutions go a long way in helping you do just that by optimizing your communication channels.

As customer touch-points increase, keeping a consistent and coordinated customer experience becomes more and more challenging. With Hosted IVR services, CenturyLink can help you evaluate who your customers are and what they expect so you can create a customer experience that exceeds expectations. We can then provide network services, such as Internet access, toll-free and local services, and contact center solutions to enable multiple customer communication options.


Develop applications using your own development team or leave it to CenturyLink.

Eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment to accommodate seasonal call volume peaks and valleys.

Eliminate long turnaround times when adding capacity or modifying applications.

Eliminate long turnaround times when adding capacity or modifying applications.

Eliminate costly capital expenditures required to augment your network in order to satisfy seasonal peaks and valleys.

Purchase Hosted IVR based on the number of ports or minutes of use you need to reflect changes in seasonal calling patterns.

Monitor and track customer interaction flows to enable proactive updating of business strategies as customer needs change.

Host the application in CenturyLink hosting centers, in your location, or at a hosting center of your choice.

Utilize capabilities of Hosted IVR, independent of carrier.

Optimize contact center personnel and ensure premier customer experience.


Caller Interface Options

  • Touch tone.
  • Speech recognition utilizing the Nuance Communications product suite.
  • Multi-lingual (American English, American Spanish and Canadian French); other languages are available upon request.

System Integration

  • Industry-standard databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Intelligent call routing and queuing – CTI with Cisco®, Genesys®, Avaya® and Nortel®.

Application Development

  • Custom development access to VXML 2.x interface and a development portal.
  • Quick deployment of CenturyLink, ready-to-use applications (store locators, financial status, account updates, PIN resets ) for self-help.
  • Text-to-speech application supports caller requests that require routine answers (i.e. questions about account numbers, addresses and status of orders).

Network Carrier Options

  • Toll-free services from CenturyLink, AT&T®, Sprint® and Verizon®.
  • Local access from regional carriers.


  • Online-accessible, customizable reports provide in-depth transaction detail.


  • Use Hosted IVR, independent of carrier; any of the leading carriers’ 8XX services or local lines can be used to connect callers to Hosted IVR applications.
  • Host the application in a CenturyLink center, at your location or at a location of your choosing.
  • Use your existing server infrastructure or rely on a CenturyLink hosting services.
  • Either CenturyLink, one of our partners or you can develop the applications.
  • Purchase Hosted IVR based on the number of ports or minutes you need for seasonal calling patterns.
  • Eliminate the costly capital expenditures that are required to augment your network when seasonal peaks and valleys occur; Hosted IVR can increase access capacity based on call volume.

How It Works

The inbound call (local or toll free), is routed to the CenturyLink Hosted IVR platform. Based on the application design, the call is answered via a touch-tone or speech-recognition menu. The information request is then routed via secure network to the appropriate Web application server for response to the request. If the caller needs to speak with a live agent, and the application uses the CenturyLink Hosted IVR computer telephony integration (CTI) interface (ACD connect), the call is then routed to the customer's ACD.

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