Hosted VoIP

Stay Connected with an Advanced Communications Solution

Hosted VoIP allows your business to connect growing teams from virtually
anywhere — a remote office, the field, or on-the-go.  Get state-of-the-art business calling features, while saving money.

Looking for 11 or Fewer VoIP Lines? 


Work Virtually Anywhere

Make any location an office and keep employees connected wherever they go, with advanced productivity and mobility features.

Minus the Hassles

Combine your separate voice and data services onto one network and rest easy that it's all supported for you—including upgrades—with only one vendor and one monthly bill.

Cost Savings

You'll get the latest IP phones, minus the capital expense, so your voice solution and the associated maintenance will be just a predictable line item in your monthly budget.

Flexible Service

Only pay for the service you need today, and adjust as your business needs change, with per-seat pricing.

Advanced Features

Remote Office

Enjoy the freedom to access your services from virtually any device, anywhere.

Simultaneous/Sequential Ring

Route calls to your home or mobile phone all at once, or in a particular order, so you'll never miss an important call.

Anywhere Voicemail

Access your voicemails via an online portal, receive as email attachments or listen using any phone.

Reception Help

Give your receptionist the tools to easily manage calls or leverage our Automated Attendant to answer and direct calls for all your unique business operations.

Business Communicator App

Be more productive with a variety of valuable features in one handy app-talk or video chat, share your desktop or files and instant message coworkers.

Online Portals

Admins can adjust users, inventory and group features, and users can manage their own phones with our intuitive online dashboards.

What's Included

IP handsets from Polycom (plus installation).

Unlimited local and on-net domestic long-distance calling.

Up to 10,000 minutes per month of off-net domestic long-distance and toll-free service, based on the number of seats purchased.

Administrator portal to manage users and features: hunt groups, auto attendants, hold music and directory integration.

Voicemail retrieval via phone, email or through the user portal.

Click-to-call functionality and call logs so employees can manage calls directly from their desktop.

Full range of softphones available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Manage invoices and network configuration, view network statistics, and report/track issues via the online CenturyLink Control Center.

User portal enables customizing features: find me/follow me, call forwarding, contact management, voicemail preferences and more.

Seat Options


A cost-effective and convenient combination of some of our most popular features. This seat is designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


With a more robust set of features your business needs to succeed, this seat is designed for general business, support, and clerical personnel who don't require advanced features.


This seat is designed for the majority of professional employees. It includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.

Get the features of a Standard seat, but with a phone designed for collaboration.

Built to handle high volume of concurrent calls; includes the features of a Premium seat to help ensure effective call coverage.


This optional feature is designed for employees who don't have a permanent office, or who are on the go, allowing calls from a computer. An additional charge applies.


Use this seat to store voicemail and as a stand-alone voicemail box for after-hours calls that aren't directed to a specific person's voicemail.


Designed to fit the needs of the majority of a company's professional employees without requiring an IP phone.

Work Smarter with
Hosted VoIP

With CenturyLink Hosted VoIP, you can stay connected wherever you are and work however you want, on any device.

Because it's upgradable, we have more confidence in the phone system. We know that in the future, we can grow it as required, and we can incorporate new technologies as they become available."
George Peck, VP
Aurora Chamber of Commerce

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