Long Distance: International

Extend Your Reach with CenturyLink International Long Distance Service

When you need to make a business international long distance call, you don’t want to worry about whether your call will go though, make it to completion, or be of high enough quality to understand what’s being said. That’s why CenturyLink™ International Long Distance (ILD) features multiple layers of redundancy and diversity with failsafe measures built in to support call completion during all situations. ILD offers competitive market-based pricing over the CenturyLink International Voice Network.

CenturyLink International Long Distance Features

  • Landline and mobile terminations to more than 200 international destinations
  • Least cost routing and answer seizure ratio processes
  • Multiple layers of redundancy and diversity
  • Network architecture separates retail and wholesale traffic to eliminate traffic contention
  • Flexible offerings for CenturyLink Domestic Long-Distance service customers on CenturyLink Total Advantage™
  • Dedicated team proactively monitors quality of service routing and responds to problems

CenturyLink International Long Distance Benefits

  • Enjoy consistent call completions
  • Experience quality service at a low price

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