BRI: Single Line Service

Get Fast, Cost-Effective ISDN Data Connectivity and Voice Service over Existing Telephone Lines

Leveraging your existing copper voice lines for data connectivity lets you create a seamless, flexible, and highly cost-efficient communications system. CenturyLink™ Basic Rate Interface (BRI): Single Line Service uses an ISDN digital network architecture to enable reliable data communications without the expense of dedicated lines, modems and cabling—while accelerating both voice and data far beyond the speed of standard telephone lines. Multiple communications can share a single line simultaneously, including voice, video, and data, with digital clarity. Multiple B channels for high-speed circuit-switched data, complemented with a separate D channel for low-speed packet-switched data, let you support a broad range of applications with optimal efficiency.

CenturyLink Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Features

  • Circuit-switched voice, data, and packet functionality
  • Two business lines with multiple telephone numbers and extensive voice features including
    • Call forwarding
    • Call hold
    • Call transfer
    • Caller identification
    • Caller ID blocking
    • Conference calling
    • Intercom
    • Message waiting indication
  • Data features including
    • Call forwarding for B-channel circuit-switched data
    • X.25 features for D-channel packet-switched data (e.g., fast select, flow control parameter negotiation, logical channels, reverse charging, and throughput class negotiation)

CenturyLink Basic Rate Interface (BRI) Benefits

  • Get simple voice calling and flexible dial-up data service over the public switched network at a fraction of the cost of dedicated lines or multiple dial-up lines for voice, data, fax, and Internet access
  • Accelerate data to 230 Kbps over existing copper wires using high-speed compression over ISDN-or achieve even greater speeds with a 10-BaseT Ethernet card and an ISDN router
  • Optimize efficiency by making use of existing phone lines: use both B channels for Internet connectivity at up to 128 Kbps, while remaining able to accept incoming voice or fax calls
  • Share a single ISDN line across as many as eight devices
  • Replace multiple voice, fax, and modem lines with two versatile ISDN channels to support data, voice, video and audio applications-with a separate phone number for each device
  • Achieve near-broadcast quality video and CD-quality audio

How CenturyLink ISDN Basic Rate Interface Works

CenturyLink Basic Rate Interface (BRI): Single Line Service is a platform-based, switched digital service based on ISDN, a digital network architecture providing both a voice connection and a high- or low-speed data connection simultaneously over existing telephone lines (i.e. twisted pair). CenturyLink BRI has a transmission rate of 144 Kbps divided into three channels. There are two B channels capable of 64 Kbps each and one D channel capable of 16 Kbps. Since the D channel is used for signaling, the B channels have a higher transmission rate than is currently available on a regular voice channel. Each B channel is capable of circuit-switched voice, circuit-switched data, or packet-switched data (individual case basis only). The D channel is capable of Q.931 or X.25 protocol signaling or X.25 packet-switched data.