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Improve Business Efficiency and Customer Service

EZ Route provides contact-center functionality that lets you answer calls, provide messages and announcements, and support call routing to live agents or other IVR applications through a menu-driven interface. 

With EZ Route you can answer calls, provide messages, create announcements and support call routing to live agents or other IVR applications through a menu-driven interface. You can quickly and easily develop a voice menu and routing scheme via a web-based, graphical user interface (GUI). This includes assigning toll-free numbers and transfer-to numbers for routing. You can record your own announcements or upload professionally-recorded audio files. You can also upload your own routing tables and modify them as frequently as you want.


Cost Effective

  • No capital investment.
  • Calls routed to the correct location the first time, saving transport costs for bridged calls.
  • Pricing on a per-call rate.


  • Use your existing infrastructure easily integrate with industry-leading ACDs and private branch exchanges (PBXs).


  • Design your call management program to meet your changing business needs and deploy changes.
  • Build custom solution applications in 30 minutes using the web-enabled IVR application wizard.


  • Improve customer service.
  • Change routing options in real time and route to multiple locations or departments to handle call traffic spikes.
  • Provide current status information to callers that can be updated in near real time.


Touch-Tone and Speech-Recognition Capabilities

Extensive Routing Options

Go To Node Enables Calls to Route from One EZ Route Application to Another

Busy / No Answer Messages

Integrated Text-to-Speech

Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Comprehensive, Web-Enabled IVR Application Wizard

Busy Ring / No Answer Overflow

Supported by CenturyLink's Fully Redundant, Geographically-Dispersed Network

Customizable Hold Music

Unlimited Port Availability

Pricing Based on Number of Calls Made

How It Works

Inbound toll-free calls are routed to EZ Route. Based on your customized application design, calls are answered via touch-tone or a speech-recognition menu. The caller inputs a menu choice or provides ANI or DNIS information that is then matched to the EZ Route application. If the caller needs to speak with a live agent, the call is routed appropriately.

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