Managed VoIP

Combine Internet and Phone Service into One Managed Solution and Save Big

Since a missed phone call, e-mail or critical data can mean a missed business opportunity, a business VoIP solution is essential. Streamline your network operations and reduce downtime with CenturyLink Managed VoIP Bundle. By combining all of your local, long distance, and Internet needs into an integrated managed communications platform, you'll simplify your network and take advantage of a purpose-built solution designed to handle your business requirements. All without an expensive equipment overhaul.

CenturyLink Managed VoIP Bundle is a powerful, scalable, and flexible all-in-one business solution that lets you make local and long-distance calls using an Internet connection. You'll also be able to connect and support locations on the service easily thanks to a web-based portal that allows you to manage users and features. And with the simple click of the mouse, your users can route calls to their current location and manage other features such as voice mail and contacts.

CenturyLink Managed VoIP Bundle Features

  • 6-200 CenturyLink Managed VoIP Office Enhanced Seats per location, and up to 500 across all locations
  • Unlimited local and on-net calling, and up to 10,000 minutes per month of off-net domestic long-distance and toll-free service
  • Internet access at speeds from DS1 up to 8xDS1
  • Port types including Internet (Public) Port, Private Port or Enhanced Port
  • Installation of loop and equipment
  • Office Enhanced Seats also include Microsoft® Outlook® Integration with click-to-call functionality, call logs
  • Basic Office Administrator training
  • Administrator Portal to manage users
  • End User Portal to customize features such as find me/follow me, contact management, voicemail preferences, and much more
  • 24x7 customer service phone support
  • IP Handsets
  • ADTRAN® NetVanta 1335 multi-function IP router with 24-port switch, router, and firewall or ADTRAN NetVanta 4305 multi-function IP router
  • Template-based firewall on the router/switch
  • Site-to-site virtual private network capability on the router/switch
  • 24x7 router support with 4-hour response time (where available)
  • Next business day replacement for IP handsets

Benefits of Managed Voice over IP Bundle Solutions

  • Simplify network communications by combining Internet and phone service into one managed solution
  • Grow your business without a major equipment expense
  • Manage calls and voice mail with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Address customer needs from anywhere
  • Enjoy fast Internet access and quality of service

Please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative or see the CenturyLink Managed VoIP Bundle Fact Sheet for more information, details, and requirements.