Long Distance - Outbound

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Business Long Distance Services over the CenturyLink Fiber Optic Network

Long distance service is critical to maintaining your relationships with customers, vendors and other important stakeholders. Likewise, long distance service quality can have an enormous impact on your business's efficiency and people's perception of it. Long distance services from CenturyLink provide high-quality connections over our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) OC-192 fiber optic SONET network with an uptime service level agreement of 99.95%.

Outbound Long Distance Phone Service

Switched Long Distance Service

Switched long distance connects calls to the PSTN via the prescribed inter-exchange carrier (PIC) assigned to your outgoing telephone line. Switched long-distance call fees include per-minute-of use charges for both the originating and terminating ends of the call. Switched long distance does not require you to have any additional equipment on your premises.

Dedicated Long Distance Service

CenturyLink® Dedicated Outbound Long Distance service provides local access to the CenturyLink national network via a local loop circuit using CenturyLink owned and operated facilities, third-party provider facilities, or facilities you arrange on your own. Actual bandwidth and speed of circuits can vary from 56/64 Kbps or 1.544 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. Dedicated long-distance call fees include monthly charges for the dedicated circuit and per-minutes-of-use charges for the terminating end of the call. On premise, long-distance routing equipment is needed to accommodate dedicated long distance.

Inbound Toll Free (8XX)

Toll-free service provides a cost-effective method for customer contact and support for pre- and post-sales, order taking, product support, general information and other key customer service functions. CenturyLink® Toll Free Service offers standard and customized toll-free packages that allow you to maximize customer satisfaction, increase sales and improve employee productivity. CenturyLink® Toll Free Services include a full suite of Routing and Overflow feature options to effectively distribute and manage your calls. Find out about Toll Free Feature Bundles.

International Long Distance and Toll Free

It's essential that your international customers easily reach your U.S.-based business by phone. CenturyLink® International Voice Network consists of multiple layers for redundancy and includes failsafe measures to ensure international call completion.

Internet Protocol Long Distance (IPLD)

IP Long Distance and Toll Free Services allow you to make outbound long-distance calls to the PSTN and receive inbound toll-free 8XX calls from the PSTN using the CenturyLink® voice over the Internet (VoIP) network. CenturyLink® IPLD offers easy access through our CenturyLink IQ Networking Internet service. IP Long Distance is available domestically and internationally.


Business travel will always be critical in the building and maintaining of business relationships. The worldcard® calling card keeps you connected with a toll-free access number for placing long-distance calls when you're traveling domestically or internationally. The card offers calling access to over 250 countries from the United States, and if you're abroad, you have calling access from over 80 countries for calls back home. Limited international country to country is also available.

Bundle and Save with CenturyLink® Total Advantage

CenturyLink® Total Advantage gives your business an all-in-one communications solution across all our local, long distance and IP services. The solution encompasses standard options such as switched and/or dedicated access, domestic long distance, and local and comprehensive international data, IP, voice and enhanced application services. In addition to the simplicity CenturyLink® Total Advantage brings to your business, you receive significant cost efficiencies based on your total communications spending with CenturyLink.

Control Center

Control Center allows you to manage your calls via an online management tool at no additional charge. This robust solution can help improve your operation by delivering useful knowledge and greater insight into your business. Using the portal's simple navigation, you can report and track maintenance, view long-distance inventory details, view and modify call plans, manage toll-free groups and generate your own reports. All you need to get started is your computer and Internet access.