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Why Go with Traditional Voice Services?

Reliable connectivity is crucial for your business's continued productivity and essential to your clients' satisfaction. With a 30-year track record of matchless reliability, CenturyLink is a voice service provider with time-tested traditional voice solutions and ensures uninterrupted voice services and business continuity with virtually 100% dial tone availability and superior voice quality.

A traditional voice solution from CenturyLink can also help you reduce costs. For a start, you can expect no incremental capital expenditure, and it's likely to work with the equipment you already have. What's more, with a relatively simple equipment upgrade, you can extend the life of your existing network by years. When looking for a voice service provider, CenturyLink has your business covered.

CenturyLink Traditional Voice Service Solutions

With CenturyLink as your voice service provider, our award-winning account teams will work to find the right solution for your particular business needs.

Web and Audio Conferencing

Accomplish more in your workday with CenturyLink Web and audio conferencing solutions. Cut travel costs and boost productivity by communicating remotely with your customers and easily connecting employees to each other.

Local Voice Services Provider

Newer does not necessarily mean better. CenturyLink's traditional voice solutions offer you matchless voice clarity and a 30-year track record of reliability under all business conditions.


For larger location voice services, CenturyLink offers a range of ISDN solutions that speed the flow of information in your business without the expense of dedicated lines, modems, and special cabling.


Enhance customer service with no upfront costs with an off-premises managed PBX solution that delivers integrated voice, video, image, and data services over CenturyLink's super-fast network.

Long Distance Voice Service

The lines between local and long distance are blurring, but that doesn't mean that your expectations are any lower. Enhance your business's connectivity with robust high-quality long distance voice over the CenturyLink fiber optic network.

Toll Free Customer Contact Services

With CenturyLink as your voice service provider, our toll free solutions help you reduce operational costs and maximize business efficiency while providing quality service for your valued customers.

Local Emergency Communications

CenturyLink's time-tested traditional voice emergency service solutions ensure 24/7 availability 365 days a year.


Track your telecommunications costs and streamline your payments.

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