Web Conferencing

Get More Done with Web Conferencing

CenturyLink offers a complete suite of Web Conferencing products. We have four different offerings: CenturyLink Web Conferencing, Cisco WebEx, Adobe® Connect and ON24 Webcasting., You pick the one that integrates with your system and meets your needs.

CenturyLink's Web Conferencing solution takes the pain out of meetings and helps you accomplish more in your workday. Using patented technology to ensure that voice and Web are completely synchronized, Web Conferencing fully integrates voice, Web and desktop video conferencing into one intuitive interface. Manage your meetings with simple point-and-click commands and meet with colleagues, clients, and customers from remote locations in your own multimedia virtual meeting room.

CenturyLink Web Conferencing Features

  • Per-minute or license-based pricing
  • No participant downloads
  • Intuitive interface
  • Active speaker technology and high quality video
  • Personalized meeting space
  • One-click desktop and document sharing
  • Convenient mobile access via BlackBerry and iPhone
  • Up to 125 participants
  • Automatic audio connections (No phone dial-In required)
  • Integrated controls for phone and Web
  • Personal file storage and transfer
  • Live support via Online Chat or phone

CenturyLink Web Conferencing Benefits

  • Connect to meetings with one click from your desktop or mobile device
  • Forget about passwords and dial-in numbers
  • Get a personal permanent web address with your name on it
  • Start, schedule, and manage meetings from the Conferencing Toolbar for Outlook
  • Eliminate the hassle of software downloads for participants
  • Manage audio meetings with visual desktop controls
  • Share your screen with crystal clear quality
  • Personalize meetings with webcam video for everyone
  • Connect globally with international support
  • Record meeting audio and video with one click
  • Move easily between audio and web meetings
  • See who's present and know who's talking

How CenturyLink Web Conferencing Works

CenturyLink Web Conferencing lets you quickly start or schedule a virtual meeting with a simple click on the Conferencing Toolbar for Outlook. Guests can join others in virtual meeting rooms by clicking directly from your Outlook, Lotus Notes or Instant Messenger (IM). There's no need to remember access and meeting numbers because CenturyLink Web Conferencing dials you when you start the meeting. The solution also allows you to share applications right from your desktop, conduct polls, and create surveys and quizzes.

More Web Conferencing Services

Adobe Connect is known for its video streaming capability and "pod" flexibility. Cisco WebEx is known for its specialty solutions, such as Enterprise Edition and Training Center. ON24 Webcasting is best for one-to-many streaming presentations. Contact your CenturyLink representative to discover the Web service that meets your needs.

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