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Network Disclosure News, No. 402

- ISDN-Compatible Services and 64 Kb/s Unrestricted Clear Channel Capability (64CCC) - Updated 2/28/2019

Update by State

- Arizona
- Colorado
- Idaho
- Iowa
- Minnesota
- Montana
- Nebraska
- New Mexico
- North Dakota
- Oregon
- South Dakota
- Utah
- Washington
- Wyoming

This Network Disclosure is available as a PDF download (file size: 228K). If you need to print Network Disclosures, the PDF file will give you more flexibility and a higher quality printout than will a Web page, which is designed to be viewed with a Web browser. If you need the Adobe Acrobat viewer, you can download it for free from Adobe's Web site.

- Net Disclosure Main Page
- Net Disclosures Listed Alphabetically
- Net Disclosures Listed Numerically

Questions regarding Network Disclosure information can be referred to the individual listed on the Disclosure Announcement, or contact Jamal Boudhaouia, CenturyLink's Manager of Network Disclosures at or (303) 707-8561.